Coaching for Individuals

Coaching for Individuals

Coaching for Individuals provides ‘on demand’ access to an expert coach for anyone working in an educational context.

What Is It?

One to one coaching works because it is personalised, confidential, flexibly scheduled and time efficient – more so than just about any other form of professional learning. It is a safe space to think and reach greater clarity around your next steps. Follow-up sessions enable supportive accountability to follow through on these actions.

Coaching for Individuals provides live online 1-1 coaching with a GCI Accredited Coach in flexible blocks of coaching hours.

An initial block of 2 hours, as two 1-hour or three 40-minute coaching sessions, can provide short-term focused support to move forward on a strategic priority, specific topic or challenge. With longer blocks of up to 6 hours, you can benefit from the deeper transformative change that a full coaching cycle enables.

How Can I Use Coaching?

Depending on the number of coaching sessions and the length of the engagement, there are many ways that working with a coach can help. Here are just a handful of possibilities…

Coaching for Critical Moments
Sometimes all you need is to work with a coach for two or three focused sessions on a specific decision, event or moment.
For example:

  • a strategic decision or change to be communicated
  • a difficult meeting coming up
  • an important performance conversation with a key team member
  • preparation for a key interview or assessment
  • completion of a key project

Coaching for Transitions
Three or four coaching sessions could help you through an important transition.
For example:

  • moving into a new role or organisation
  • a shift in priorities or ways of working
  • gaining clarity on your career stage
  • building a plan for moving into a role that allows you to thrive in both a personal and professional sense

Coaching for Leadership Development
A longer block of four or more sessions could help you identify and target areas for development in your leadership such as your approach to working with others.

This could incorporate the use of a psychometric/feedback tool (LSI, DiSC, Genos, VIA character strengths or AITSL 360) leading to deeper analysis of your leadership growth.

Balcony Conversations for Leaders
Four or more coaching sessions spread over the school year (e.g. one per term) could provide a space for facilitated reflection, support and challenge.

The coach provides a critical lens through questioning and enables you to take a ‘balcony view’ as a leader. This extended relationship can help you to identify and prioritise areas of focus, need and growth.

Getting on Top of Things
Sometimes even the most well organised people need a concentrated burst to get back on top of things. Others will benefit from focusing on getting a personal organisational system in place that wil enable them to achieve less stressfully.

A few coaching sessions can help to get you on top of things by:
  • Exploring your current approach to getting things done
  • Developing a workable system for improving and sustaining greater personal productivity
  • Refecting on the barriers to sustaining effectiveness in this area by implementing actions to address these issues

What Are The Benefits Of Coaching?

  • Working with a highly skilled coach who brings an impartial and non-judgmental perspective
  • Critically reflecting and exploring situations and options in a safe space
  • Increased self-efficacy, positive emotion and resilience
  • Increased self and interpersonal awareness
  • Determining greater clarity, energy and next step actions on your topic
  • Overcoming procrastination on a simmering issue
  • Relieving some of the stress and angst of a pressing issue
  • Building confidence for tackling similar future topics

Why Work With A GCI Coach?

At GCI, we are committed to the discipline of coaching and we understand the practices, skill and ‘way of being’ required to be a highly effective coach. All GCI coaches are experts in coaching. They have achieved Accredited Coach status with us and maintain this through advanced training and coaching supervision sessions. All have held leadership positions in education themselves so you’ll receive the support and empathic perspective essential to building a positive relationship.

Our Research

Led by Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh, GCI has recently completed a research study of how coaching was experienced by participants on a Victorian DET professional development program for aspiring principals.

Participants in this study reported that they had time and space to reflect; that they felt safe to explore; and that they were able to focus on what was important to them. Moreover, participants reported that they experienced positive emotions during this process .

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