Twilight Workshop Series - Integrating Coaching and Positive Psychology - Closed

Growth Coaching International is pleased to invite you and your school colleagues to attend a complimentary workshop as part of the Twilight Workshop Series.

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Integrating Coaching and Positive Psychology

This workshop will focus on the use and integration of Positive and Coaching Psychology to embed and enhance sustainable change and growth within educational contexts. It will address and analyse the application of innovative theory and practice such as strengths-based learning, the coaching ripple effect and whole-school audits. Furthermore, this workshop will allow participants to reflect on how this integrated approach can have positive impact at the macro and micro level. There will be an opportunity to reflect and take-away techniques to apply to your own context.

Who is this workshop for?

This complimentary workshop is designed for:

  • those with an interest in an integrated approach to coaching and positive psychology
  • those interested in staff and student well-being
  • those interested in staying in touch with new developments in coaching in education
  • others just beginning to explore what coaching might be about
  • those keen to learn what others are doing with coaching in their school contexts


The workshop will conclude promptly at 6.30pm. Those who wish to, are invited to stay on for informal networking.

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