Twilight Workshop Series - An Environment for Better Conversations - Closed

Join us for a practical workshop that highlights the importance of attending to the environment in our coaching and other professional conversations, so that others can do their best thinking.

Using the lens of a ‘Thinking Environment’ (Kline, 1999), we will consider both the micro-environment (the conversational space between talker and listener) and the macro-environment (the wider culture of the school or organisation). What behaviours create an environment that encourages and supports others to think well? How can we create that environment, and what do we notice when we are actually in it? What impact could these behaviours have on the performance and wellbeing of our staff and students?

Who is this workshop for?

This complimentary workshop may be of interest if you:

  • have read the article '10 Ways to Generate More Thinking' and are curious to explore further
  • would like to reflect on which behaviours could improve the environment of your coaching and other professional conversations, helping others to think really well
  • wish to leave the workshop with actions to move things forward in your context


The workshop will conclude promptly at 6:00pm. Networking starts after that.

Kline, N. (1999). Time to think: Listening to ignite the human mind. London: Cassell.

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